Wednesday’s Food for Thought: Are GMO’s…*GASP* Better for us?

Written by Jordan Daigneault, Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living, Spring 2013

GMO’s are genetically modified organisms and some people feel that they are more nutritional and other people feel that GMO’s are environmentally hazardous and have less nutritional value. There was a survey taken and 49% of people were in favor on GMO’s and the other 51% were against GMO’s. Right now genetically modified organisms are more beneficial than not. There isn’t a lot of research on genetically modified organisms saying or proving that have a negative impact down the road in life.

Genetically modified organisms provide greater productions of crops, along with providing avid nutrition allowing for third world countries that may only have one main crop they eat, such as rice for an example to have more nutritional value from adding genetically modified organisms which can help prevent some of the defects they suffer from lack of nutritional value from their crops or crop. More and more crops can be grown in places now because biologists have found ways to modify plants to adjust to many different weather conditions. The plants are able to grow in colder and drier environments. Researchers have also found ways to modify plant cells that can help improve an organism’s resistance towards insects and chemicals that are used on the plants to kill weeds, bugs and rodents making genetically modified foods more beneficial. Genetically modified organisms increase the productions of soybeans, rice, corn, etc. and allows these crops to grow almost anywhere across the world, which helps prevent countries from suffering poverty and starvation. These facts make GMO’s more positive than negative allowing them to be more beneficial.




What’s your take on GMO’s?

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