Wednesday’s Food for Thought: Diet vs Exercise

By: Andrew Morin, Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living Fall 2012

The big question is always, what is better for you, dieting or exercise for losing weight? Over the years, scientist have been conducting studies and debating about whether dieting or exercise is more effective for losing weight faster. I raise the question of, is dieting the healthiest way to lose weight? Period.

When you exercise you are doing something healthy for your body. Getting in shape is a great way to try to lose weight but not a lot of weight or fast. Exercising helps people tighten up their bodies and maybe lose a few pounds. Dieting is a different story. When you diet you alter the amount of food you normally eat and the calories you consume. You may cut out particular foods or eat only certain foods. Other diets require shakes and other programs like Jenny Craig require buying meals.

In a study done in Tanzania, researchers used GPS monitors to track the miles people walked to get food on a daily basis. They drank a substance that later when urinated out could track metabolic rate and energy expended. After 11 days of tracking the miles, the researchers concluded that although the hunting life-style involved more physical activity, the subjects did not burn more fat calories than someone who exercised. They say that an active life-styles may not protect against obesity if your diet is full of fatty foods. People that workout will gain weight if they do not eat right. This is true. You need to have a well balanced diet along with exercise. If you use dieting only you will not get the proper nutrients that your bodies needs to be healthy.

Balancing exercise with diet is essential to maintaining health. If you have too much of any one thing you risk getting sick or  hurt. Exercise is very important and can help you build a healthy lifestyle. Calorie for calorie, it is easier to lose weight by dieting than exercise. This may be true but is it healthy? You also have to think of the individuals attitude about the situation. People do not always have an easy time changing their diet and add in constant hunger pains – this can affect a persons everyday life.

All in all, if you are trying to lose weight there are only a few options beside surgery. Diet and exercise are the best ways of doing this. Not just one or the other, but a combination of both. If you have to choose one or the other, pick exercise. This will keep your body in shape by increasing strength, stamina and other bodily functions.

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