Vitamin Supplements: To Take or Not to Take?

By: Alexandra Olson, Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living Fall 2012

The use of vitamin ¬†supplements in place of vitamins that you could be consuming naturally in a well balanced diet, is something many people are doing and seems like a ridiculous and lazy way for people to try and stay healthy. Its one thing if someone takes one multivitamin pill every day because it’s not like it will do any harm, but it’s another thing if people are spending money on buying many different kinds of vitamin pills and taking several a day. There is such a thing as overdosing on vitamins and although many assume it can’t do any damage, taking too many vitamins can have negative side effects. By eating a healthy and balanced diet with certain fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. such as lean meat, spinach, eggs, milk, and oranges, one can consume all of the necessary vitamins and live a healthy lifestyle at the same time.

Instead of spending money on various types of vitamin and dietary supplements that might not even end up working or doing what people assume, it would make more sense to just eat and drink your vitamins during an everyday routine. Trying to take the easy way out is probably not as effective, and won’t help you as much in the long run. More people should educate themselves and learn the facts and realities before trying to do what they think is the easiest. Not only will a healthy well balanced diet help your intake of vitamins but it will also prevent diseases such as heart disease and cancer, and prevent obesity, which vitamin and dietary supplements are not proven to do. Some people may or may not realize it but looking for a pill to solve all of your problems overnight isn’t going to do the trick, it makes much more sense to eat a healthy and balanced diet which will always have promising results!
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