Wednesday’s Food for Thought: Earthy, Crunchy is the New Cool

 Written by Colin Murphy, Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living, Spring 2013

New York Times writer, Jeff Gordiner writes about how granola has changed over the years.  He talks about how a “once-humble granola is now a high-end growth industry.”  Gordiner talks about the earthiness of granola and how it was once “the lumpy woolen sweater of the food world.”  Times have certainly changed.  Granola and other healthy foods like hummus and kale have become hip and mainstream in recent years.

It is “cool” to eat healthy these days.  The more natural and the less processed food is, the cooler it is.  Farmer’s markets are not filled with ‘hippies’ anymore, they are trendy and very popular. Americans want to eat healthy and as natural as possible. Food Inc. and other similar productions have scared and disgusted society into eating healthier. It is disgusting that former leaders of large companies like Perdue Chicken are now writing regulations for the F.D.A.  Yes, these folks are knowledgeable in their fields but biased as well. 

Groups of people are starting to make a statement by avoiding these large companies and trying to eat healthier and more natural.

Is eating healthy the new “it” thing?


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