Wednesday’s Food for Thought: Breakfast Noms

 Written by Shawn McEvoy, Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living, Spring 2013

Everyone in their life has heard someone say, “eat your breakfast, it’s important.” Whether you take that advice or not is up to you but in reality, eating a healthy breakfast is crucial to our diets and our health. In this particular article Healthy Breakfast Roundup: Your Favorite Morning Eats, they mentioned how eating breakfast every morning you can actually “have more energy throughout the day” and have a higher performance with whatever you are doing.

                One thing you want to look out for when eating breakfast is choosing foods that will keep you full for longer periods of time that are healthy. The article mentioned that “overindulging in calories and fats will have you feeling hungry in a few hours, sluggish and at risk for weight gain.” This is completely true. If you eat foods that are high in fats and calories, they will make you even hungrier in just a few hours. If you were to eat healthy foods during breakfast, you are able to eat a lot more of them making you full for a longer period of time.

                It is very important to eat a healthy and well balanced breakfast every morning. You will be able to see dramatic changes in your health, performance, and your day to day activities. Next time you prepare your breakfast ALWAYS think, healthy, good protein, good calories, and portion control. If you are able to meet these four requirements, you’re that much closer to maintaining a healthy breakfast.

What’s your favorite breakfast food?

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