Friday Nutrition Tip: Make it a Lifestyle!

Written by Matthew Moher, Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living, Spring 2013

Eating healthy and nutritious food is more than just a choice, it’s a lifestyle.  The old saying you can tell everything about a man by what kind of shoes he wears or what kind of car he drives is also true for every man.  Healthy choices sometimes aren’t the most tasty, but we all know and have seen the results of making multiple bad choices.  I’m not saying a slice of pizza or a scoop of ice cream is going to kill you, or turn you into a bad person, but over time if you create bad habits they will catch up with you. 

I myself am not perfect; I love ice cream and Oreo’s, so I truly have no place to judge other people.  But I eat these “unhealthy” snacks in MODERATION, and before I eat the treats I have fruit this helps me balance my craving for the sweet, and supports me not eat the whole box of Oreo’s.  This understanding of moderation and having unhealthy snacks as treats instead of regular parts of our meal is a dying trend in the college lifestyle.  Instead of having hamburgers and ice-cream as a meal once in every month, it is a regular quick and easy food people say ok to almost every day.  They then ask themselves where the “freshman 15 ” came from.  Instead of making a “treat” a regular part of your meal, keep it a treat and only have it occasionally and make yourself eat more dark, leafy greens.  Who knows you might actually like and begin to enjoy the leafy green salads instead of the green mint chocolate chip!

How do you make nutrition part of your lifestyle?

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