One response to “Friday Nutrition Tip: Eating Before Exercise

  1. I support this author who talks about eating before exercise. Exercising on an empty stomach is a bad idea. But its also hard to figure out how much to eat before you work out and what types of food will be easy to digest. The only thing worse than not having enough energy to get through a run and/or exercise is having an unsettled stomach. And since so many of us like to fit in workouts during our lunch breaks or etcetera, we often don’t think about what we should eat. Knowing what to eat before exercising is a great way to fuel energy. It requires quality carbs, lean protein, healthy fats and fluids. Foods like bread, cereal, pasta, rice, fruits, and vegetables are quick for energy source. Without these important fuels and fluids, your body will have a hard time performing at its best. You will hit the wall and feel lightheaded, weak, or just plain out of breath and energy.