*NEW SERIES* Nosh for Nutrition

This is the first installment of a series of posts looking at the different foods I eat at Prospect Dining Hall at Plymouth State University and other dining halls throughout New England.

As a Sodexo employee, one of the perks of my job is getting to eat so many meals that have been carefully prepared for me (I do sometimes like to cook on my own ;)). Through these weekly posts, I hope to inspire people to try something new while thinking outside of the box in a space that sometimes feels all too familiar.

Breakfast: Two poached eggs on two slices of asiago cheese toast with a side of tabouleh and fresh fruit. This was a breakfast special created and served by Dana Perkins, one of our Prospect cooks. Stop by the grill and say hi!

Another great thing about Sodexo is that they realize the impact of their business on the environment. The use of local foods is a huge initiative within Sodexo and is important to us here at PSU. Buying local foods keeps money within the local economy, helps the environment by lessening our carbon footprint and are often more nutritious because the foods are fresher and closer to the source.

This meal was made of eggs from Pete & Gerry’s cage free eggs in Monroe, NH (http://www.peteandgerrys.com/) and bread from Mountain View Manna Bread in Ashland, NH (http://mountainviewmanna.com/)

Try the local flavor!

What did you eat for breakfast?



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