Fast Food Nation

By: Alex Burt, Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living Fall 2012

Obesity is a problem in America. Facts show that 15% of teenagers are obese, and that 33% of adults are obese. There are numerous facts about why fast food is unhealthy and not a proper choice when being on any type of diet. The only positive asset that fast food brings is the fact that it is typically a cheaper meal choice.

Fast food has a tremendous amount of calories in which help lead to gaining weight and obesity. A recommended calories per day diet consists of about 2,000 calories, depending on a person’s age, height, weight and activity level. The Deluxe breakfast offered by McDonald’s consists of 1,400 calories! Just one meal alone from McDonald’s reaches about 75% of the calories recommended for a daily healthy diet.

A second problem with serving fried foods in America is that sometimes it seems as if EVERY food is fried. Frying foods does serve fast foods’ purpose of making food available at a quicker rate, but frying foods increases calorie, saturated fat and carbohydrate levels.

Fast food can lead to health risk factors such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Fast food restaurants should be forced to have a side menu with healthier meal choices that follow the 2,000 calorie diet. Doing this will potentially decrease the number of obese Americans.



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