The Perks of Being a Vegan

By: Lexee Barber, Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living Fall 2012

A vegan diet has increasingly become more popular in this country. Craig’s restaurant is a vegan joint, one of many, on Santa Monica Boulevard that caters to the new culinary wave. This restaurant wants to send the message that vegan restaurants are not only opening their doors and services to the anti-carnivorous vegans but to everyone willing to try a healthier meal that still tastes good. Behind the scenes, vegan chefs have become skilled at using nut butters and spicy oils to add spectacular flavors.

The plant based diet is seen to be more efficient for the environment and healthy living. Plants and nuts can provide us with plenty of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and even protein.

General benefits to take into consideration:

1. Eating less meat can decrease the number of  industrial farms which in-turn decreases animal cruelty.

2. By eating plants directly instead of feeding it to the animals and then eating the animals, we are making more efficient use of our land and irrigation.

3. The vegan diet limits calories, salt, sugar, and harmful fats that can be found otherwise in a normal diet.

4. The vegan phenomenon will continue to grow and promote a healthier longer life.

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