Friday Review: Caveman Diet – Primordial Effects

By: Samantha Rutledge, Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living, Fall 2012

            This is a nutritional plan based on the primordial diet – going back to the earliest ages of human-kind, consisting of wild plants and animals. “Some are calling this a diet to become in touch with your spiritual side.” (Pat Fallon) It is a very wholesome diet allowing for an increase in energy. This diet hones in on the fact you will become much healthier. This equates to the fact that in the thick of the diet you will crave healthy foods and eat in more regular intervals.  There are an overwhelming amount of advantages to eating like this; however, it is extremely difficult because a lot of willpower is needed to be successful.

            The most important part of this diet allows your system to detox. Removing a build up of toxins in your body. Naturally making you feel clean inside and out (for example: in- intestines, out- skin complexion). This diet can be popular among those who need to be come more in touch with their senses, thus making your mind be sharp throughout the day. A certain animal instinct is developed through this eating style of sharpening senses. Some drawbacks would be, grain is completely revoked from the diet. A lot of people today look at grains as something negative; however, you need to see what works for you. If you are a person who needs this nutrient to keep them stable, this diet is not for you. For those looking for an alternative diet, that puts them back in touch with their primordial natural healthy side, this is a slam-dunk.

 What trendy diets have you tried lately?

*Pat Fallon, a sturdy contender in the Caveman Diet, NH 2012

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