Wednesday’s Food for Thought: There’s An App For That!

It’s hard to remember what you eat every day. Most people can remember the main meals but forget about all the little snacks and treats they have had throughout the day. It’s those little nibbles and extra calories that make reaching your goal weight a challenge.

Studies have shown that people who keep food diaries lose up to two times as much weight compared to those who don’t. To keep track of everything you eat, write it down! If you don’t want to use the old-fashioned pen-and-paper, try one of these online sites. SparkPeople, FatSecret, and MyFitnessPal are free and easy to use. You can even get them on your smart phone as an app so you can track what, and how much, you are eating every day. Once you can see how much you are eating, you will be able to trim away the excess calories and have better success reaching your goal.

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