Friday Book Review: Game On! Diet

By: Crystal Hughes, Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living Fall 2012

Game On! Diet is a relatively new weight loss program.  Here on campus, a few people are up to the challenge of the book.  It’s about a personal trainer that thought up of a game to challenge his friend to lose weight.  According to the book, Krista, the woman that wanted help from her friend and trainer Az, wants to lose weight, and wants Az to come up with a program to help her.  He does, and low and behold, she has a hard time following it…  He then hit the books again, and came up with Game On.
Az knew Krista was competitive, so he made a game plan that they had to stick to for a month.  Everything you do or don’t do, will either win some points, or lose points.  This is a team based game, but can be played with individuals as well.  Az knew that people are competitive by nature, so why not play that card?
According to the book, individuals are allowed to eat certain things from all the categories, carbohydrates, fats, vegetables, fruits and protein (dairy is considered a protein).  There should be five meals a day, and really no snacking (there will be a 10 point loss for each snack…).  According to Joy Dobust, PhD, RD, there are pros and cons to the game, as with any diet.  Individuals need to take the time and energy to thoroughly look what they’re getting into, as with anything.  Individuals should be well informed and speaking to their primary care physicial before embarking on any real big changes in their diet and exercise plan.
This book is a great read if one wants to change their eating habits, wanting to lose weight.  This game is really for anyone.  Definitely a good read.  So go ahead, get the book and Game On!

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