Wednesday’s Food for Thought: Holiday Eating

Like it or not, the holidays are upon us. And so is the time for holiday eating. In reality, people gain less than 1 pound in the time between Thanksgiving and New Y ear’s – it just feels like we weigh a lot more with all of the tempting goodies.
Some tips to take to that next holiday party:
Take two trips. Just like when you’re in the dining hall, it’s important to know all of your options. Get an idea of the food being offered so that you don’t overfill your plate with things you don’t really want.
Eat your calories. Beverages (alcoholic and non) can be filled with empty calories that do nothing for your health or well-being except adding additional sugar. Go for calorie free water or sparkling water with lemon. Save the calories for the good stuff.

Move away from the food! Stay farther than an arms length away from the table where the food is. This will help you avoid temptation and you’ll be able to focus on the people and your surroundings rather than the smorgasbord of food.
Go ahead, enjoy it. Don’t beat yourself up for having that extra cookie or second glass of eggnog. The holidays truly come but once a year. It’s ok to enjoy yourself by joining in the Christmas spirit and overindulging a bit. You’ll get back on track when New Year’s Day rolls around anyway… Right? 🙂
For more tips:

What’s your favorite holiday food?

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