Wednesday’s Food for Thought: Thanksgiving Noms

By: Jillian Hartwell, Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living Fall 2012

Do you ever think about how many calories you are actually eating on the day of Thanksgiving? All that food that is being made and how many calories are in all the items that you are going to eat should make you think about this question before you go and eat all of it. Someone once asked this question so this was purposed to have a study be done so people could actually see how many calories were in their meal that they were going to eat. The conclusion to this study showed that the average American eats 4, 500 calories on the day of Thanksgiving. You don’t realize how many calories you consume on this day and how unhealthy it is for you.
When you go to a Thanksgiving gathering with either the family or just yourself you need to try and eat healthier and not as large portions. You really should look at what you’re taking and how much of everything you are putting on your plate. What you now know is the study that was done about how many calories are eaten by one average American on this Thanksgiving. This should help you to make smarter choices and think more about what you are about to put into your body. When you think about all of this you should also now understand you don’t need all of these calories on one day because you should technically only be consuming about 2, 000 calories on the average day.

Overall what really needs to be done is you need to think about yourself and your own health. You need to see what could happen to you if you don’t make these smart choices early enough. What yourself and more people need to do in life today is to research and learn more about healthy living an eating styles all together even if it is eating on a holiday.

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