Energy Drinks: Beneficial or Burdensome?

ENERGY!!!!! We all need it, so how do we get it? Today it seems most rely on energy drinks for that extra boost just to get their day going!

Energy drinks contain caffeine and supplements that have not been regulated by the FDA for safety. While there have been no concrete reports of lasting benefits there have been reports of the side effects of consuming too many energy drinks. These supplements can interact negatively with any other medications or supplements one may be taking.

The effects that have been reported range from nausea and diarrhea to abnormal heart rhythms. A few countries also have restrictions on the sale of energy drinks.  The caffeine in energy drinks also excrete water from the body to dilute high concentrations of sugar entering the blood stream leaving you dehydrated.

Getting adequate rest, exercise and a healthy diet are the know ways to produce a good energy level. There will be no “crash and burn” if you keep that system up daily.

The uncertainty of highly caffeinated supplement drinks could present a big risk to your health.

How many energy drinks do you drink a day?

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