American Kitchen

What’s inside an American kitchen?

By: Melissa Dahl


Ever wanted to peek inside your neighbor’s fridge? Here’s the closest you can get without being creepy.┬áThe NPD Group recently released its Kitchen Audit 2011, a giant report published every three years that examines the contents of the average American kitchen.

Among the fun facts the survey uncovers: More than 30 percent of American households have go-to dinner recipes that they turn to once a week (or more). Close to 20 percent of households have a favorite dessert they eat at least once a week. The more you earn, the more likely you are to own a food processor. And larger households — five people or more — are more likely than singles to keep marshmallows, frosting, Mexican foods and breakfast foods stocked.

The average American kitchen always has …

1. Yogurt

2. Eggs

3. Cheddar cheese

4. Soy sauce

5. Solid pack pumpkin

But never has …

1. Acai berry juice

2. Fresh artichokes

3. Fresh turnips

4. Mincemeat in any form — can, jar or package

5. Almonds

What’s in your fridge?

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