Pop Quiz!

Eating to Stay Healthy

Created by: Kimberly Pierce, RD, LDN

Sodexo Dietitian – Stonehill College

Achoo!  Feeling okay?  What you eat can influence how healthy you stay, and how quickly you can bounce back from an illness.  Take this quiz to see how much you know about staying healthy:


  1.  Which of the following breakfast choices  would provide the most immune-enhancing nutrients: 

A:  A bowl of cheerios with 1% milk, banana, and glass of OJ

B:  A bagel with cream cheese with a cup of coffee

C:  Scrambled eggs with cheese and toast with a glass of apple juice


  1.  Which snack choice would provide the most immune-enhancing nutrients:

A:  Cup of green tea with a bowl of fresh fruit

B:  Granola bar

C:  Chocolate bar


  1. Which nutrient(s) are considered antioxidants:

A:  carbohydrates

B:  Vitamin C, A, E, lycopene, beta carotene

C:  fat


4.  What 2 food groups contain the best sources of antioxidants?


  1.  Which of the following are other ways to stay healthy:

A:  Get enough sleep

B:  Lower your stress level with meditation and yoga

C:  Wash your hands frequently

D:  All of the above


 Check back tomorrow for the answers!

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