Travel Friendly Nutrition

When you hear the words “Spring Break” images of relaxing on the beach and sitting in the sun immediately pop into your head, right? Everyone likes to let loose while on vacation. However, those early morning flights, late night nachos and frosty drinks can take a toll on your ability to get-up-and-go! Eating well while traveling can give you the energy you need to see the sites and have fun in the sun.

Bring snacks! You’ve been rushing around all week trying to find the perfect bathing suit for your vacation. But have you stopped to take a minute to think about what you’re going to eat during the long journey? While you’re stopping by the store to pick up that last minute sunscreen, grab yourself some on-the-go snacks. We recommend one or two pieces of fresh fruit (apples and oranges travel best), some low-fat cheese sticks and whole wheat crackers.

Stay hydrated! Feel parched the minute you step foot on an airplane? There’s a reason flight attendants make the rounds with fizzy beverages.High altitudes can make your body feel out of whack and you might need more to drink. To save some cash, bring an empty water bottle from home. Remember to fill it up after you pass security!

Indulge! You’re on vacation, go ahead. It’s ok to have that dessert. Before you do, ask yourself: Is this what I really want? If the answer is yes, then eat it! Maybe even share the portion with a friend. If the answer is no, wait until you have the chance to eat something you’ll really love!

Spring Break rolls around but once a year. Have a good time and soak up the sun, while treating your body right.

What are your ‘stay healthy’ spring break plans?

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