Nosh with the Nutritionist … TONIGHT!

nosh [nɒʃ] Slang – food or a meal, to eat  [from Yiddish; compare German naschen to nibble]

nu·tri·tion·ist  (n-trsh-nst, ny-) – One who is trained or an expert in the field of nutrition.
Join me tonight for the first ever Nosh with the Nutritionist event!  Eat dinner with me and have your nutrition questions answered. Discuss the topic of the night (how to set and keep goals for the new year). These events will be happening the last Thursday of the month from 5 to 6pm in Prospect Hall during Spring 2012 semester. I’ll be at the table with the white table cloth!
Upcoming Topics:

February 23rd – Starting the New Year Right: Setting Nutritional Goals

March 29th – Get Your Plate in Shape: National Nutrition Month

April 26th – Nutrition Myths Debunked

Enjoy a good meal and good conversation!
For more information contact, Sara Patterson, MS, RD

email:    phone: 603-535-3186

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