11 Ways to Love Your Body

  1. Be aware of what your body can do each day. Remember, it is the instrument of your life, not just an ornament.

  2. Don’t let your weight or shape keep you from activities you enjoy.

  3. Wear comfortable clothes that you like and feel good to your body.

  4. Count your blessings, not your blemishes.

  5. Every evening when you go to bed, tell your body how much you appreciate what it has allowed you to do throughout the day.

  6. Find a method of exercise that you enjoy and do it regularly. Don’t exercise to lose weight or to fight your body shape. Do it to make your body healthy and strong because it makes you feel good.

  7. Think back to a time in your life when you felt good about your body. Tell yourself you can feel like that again, even in this body, at this age.

  8. Start saying to yourself, “Life is too short to waste my time hating my body this way.”

  9. Eat when you are hungry. Rest when you are tired. Surround yourself with people who remind you of your inner strength and beauty.

  10. Create a list of people you admire—people who have contributed to your life, your community, or to the world. Consider whether their appearance was important to their success and accomplishments.

  11. Your body is the vehicle to your dreams. Honor it. Respect it. Fuel it.

From the National Eating Disorders Association: http://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/







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Love Your Body Week

February 27th – March 2nd is Love Your Body Week at Plymouth State University and across the country.

Some of this week’s activities:

  • Healthy Dining Hall Tours – Monday and Wednesday from 12 to 1pm; Prospect Dining Hall
  • Eating Healthy on Campus – Monday from 4-5pm; HUB 109
  • Love Your Body Fair – Tuesday from 11-2pm; Fireside Lounge in the HUB
  • Decorate Your Own Cupcakes! – Thursday from 4-5pm; Fireside Lounge in the HUB


For a great blog on positive body image, check out:


What are ways you show love for your body?

Friday Nutrition Tip

Vary Your Veggies!

When you eat different colored vegetables you are including different vitamins, minerals and antioxidants into your diet.

Be sure to include dark, leafy green vegetables, orange, purple and white vegetables. You don’t have to eat every color, every day but it’s important to aim for the different colors on a weekly basis.

Read here for more information: http://www.nutritioncouncil.org/eatwell/Factsheets/MyPlate_Vegetable%20Group.pdf


Ways to Eat Vegetables without Noticing!

  • Dip into some salsa
  • Layer your sandwich with lettuce, tomato or cucumber
  • Try a slice of veggie pizza
  • Add peas or broccoli to your mac and cheese
  • Put tomatoes on your grilled cheese

What’s your favorite way to eat vegetables?

Nosh with the Nutritionist … TONIGHT!

nosh [nɒʃ] Slang – food or a meal, to eat  [from Yiddish; compare German naschen to nibble]

nu·tri·tion·ist  (n-trsh-nst, ny-) – One who is trained or an expert in the field of nutrition.
Join me tonight for the first ever Nosh with the Nutritionist event!  Eat dinner with me and have your nutrition questions answered. Discuss the topic of the night (how to set and keep goals for the new year). These events will be happening the last Thursday of the month from 5 to 6pm in Prospect Hall during Spring 2012 semester. I’ll be at the table with the white table cloth!
Upcoming Topics:

February 23rd – Starting the New Year Right: Setting Nutritional Goals

March 29th – Get Your Plate in Shape: National Nutrition Month

April 26th – Nutrition Myths Debunked

Enjoy a good meal and good conversation!
For more information contact, Sara Patterson, MS, RD

email: spatterson3@plymouth.edu    phone: 603-535-3186

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Chocolate Fondue!

Stop by the Health & Wellness and Sodexo tables at the HUB today!!

11 am to 1 pm

Sample some fresh fruit to dip in yummy dark chocolate fondue.

See you there!

Top 10 Foods to Put in Your Grocery Cart

In no particular order 🙂

1. Vegetables

2. Whole grains, oats, fibrous foods

3. Lean proteins

4. Fresh Fruits

5. Nuts/seeds

6. Fish

7. Unsaturated fats – vegetable/olive oils

8. Low fat dairy

9. Legumes

10. Dried Fruits

How many of these foods do you include on your shopping trips?

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Friday Nutrition Tip

Choose Lean Protein!

At Prospect Hall, we offer many lean protein choices on a daily basis.

Here are just some of the options:

  1. Lean meats such as chicken and pork, or fish (changes daily)

  2. Hard boiled eggs

  3. Cottage cheese

  4. Beans

  5. Canned tuna

  6. Peanut butter

  7. Low-fat or fat free Milk
  8. Low-fat Yogurt

  9. Tofu

  10. Hummus

Chef English will be visiting PSU!

Prospect will be featuring Canadian Executive Chef Leanne English February 15th & 16th as part of our Global Chef Program. Chef English is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu finishing first in her class.  She also holds a certificate in Pastry and has been selected to continue her education at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.  You can find her full bio at  www.plymouth.edu/dining

Wednesday night, Feb. 15th, Chef English will kick off her visit in Prospect at the made to order station preparing Brown Sugar Pound Cake with Grilled Pineapple, Coconut Cream, Rum-Caramel Sauce and Pineapple Chips.

Thursday afternoon, Feb. 16th, the Union Grill will be hosting Chef English for lunch.  She will be serving a gourmet Grilled Cheese on Brioche with Tomato Consomme and Homemade Potato Chips.

For those of us who aren’t sure what Brioche is, its a French pastry that is light and slightly puffy with a dark golden, flaky crust and Consomme is a fine soup.

 Don’t miss out on the deliciousness!!!!  Come over to Prospect Wednesday Feb. 15th and meet Chef English.  The doors open at 5pm close at 7:45pm.  Don’t forget lunch in the Union Grill Thursday the 16th 11:30am to 1:00pm.

Jess Hoyt

Prospect Supervisor

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